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Peterlee Parachute Centre

Peterlee Parachute Centre is located just outside of Peterlee, County Durham in the North East of England. Peterlee Parachute Centre is the only skydiving centre in the North East of England. Should you wish to do a Tandem Skydive, Static Line Parachute Jump or Accelerated FreeFall Course, you will not regret choosing this Drop Zone.

This is a very friendly Drop Zone with good facilities, excellent instructors and friendly regular skydivers. Facilities include a cafe, bar, outside seating etc. The bar is great for your friends and family that have come to watch your skydiving adventure, but remember if you are planning on skydiving you cannot have so much as a drop of alcohol. Once you have decided upon this being the right skydive centre for you, it is time for the tricky bit. Do you do a Tandem Jump or a Parachute jump? The key features of each jump are below - to help you decide.

  • Static Line Parachute Jump

    Static Line Parachute Jump
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    A Parachute Jump can be done just as a one off experience or as part of a course to progress on to freefall and skydiving. If you have time but want to spread the cost of learning to skydive over a longer period of time then the SL course may be just for you. It is a good way of experiencing parachuting if it is something that you might like to carry on with without the expense of an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course. A single static line jump can also be done as a sponsored event for charity. A list of organisations promoting this is available upon request.


    Minimum of 6 hours of instruction.
    All aspects of the jump covered from exiting the aircraft to making the perfect landing.
    Solo jump from 3,500 ft closely supervised by expert instructors.
    Parachute automatically opened by a static line securely attached to the aircraft.
    Certificate issued upon completion of your parachute jump.
    Can be used as a starting point to becoming a fully qualified skydiver.
  • Tandem Skydive

    Tandem Skydiving
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    A Tandem skydive is unlikely to be forgotten! Many do sponsored tandem jumps for charity or simply just for the thrill of falling at speeds in the order of 120-180 mph. With a tandem skydive you get to jump from at least 10,000feet just like the professional skydivers. Once your parachute has been opened by your instructor, you will be allowed to control it under the instructors' guidance. The landing is controlled by your instructor. A video of your skydive can be arranged at the centre on the day of your jump.


    Training and jump completed in one day.
    Securely harnessed to an experienced instructor at all times during the plane ride and skydive.
    Jump from at least 10,000 ft just like professional skydivers.
    Freefall at speeds in excess of 120mph until you reach 5000 ft.
    Steer the parachute yourself under the expert guidance of your instructor.
    Landing controlled by your instructor.
    Certificate issued upon completion of your skydive.
  • Accelerated Freefall

    Accelerated Freefall
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    The Accelerated FreeFall Skydiving Course (AFF) is a fast track course which is designed to progress an absolute beginner to a qualified skydiver as quickly as possible. Using instructor intensive methods the 8 levels are carefully designed to ensure that you receive the highest level of training available. Your first skydive will be from about 12,000ft. AFF is best suited to people that have decided that skydiving is the sport for them.


    Fast track course to becoming a qualified skydiver.
    Structured course consisting of 8 levels.
    First skydive from about 12,000ft.
    Highly qualified instructors with you every step of the way.
    Suitable for a complete beginner.